Be a Social Media Rockstar in Minutes… for Small Business

UnknownI’ve been receiving a lot of “social love” lately. It’s proven two things to me:

  1. Being active in social works on so many levels. Not only does it get your name/identity out there but, more importantly, it lets people know that you know what you’re doing, you care about what they’re doing and you are there for the right reasons.
  2. My activity in social is not for nothing. If I feel this way, then certainly, I’m having an effect on those I “social” with, right? Right.

That said, we don’t have a ton of time to spend on this “social” activity. There’s work to do! Paying client projects to maintain! But, if you’re spending any time at all – I don’t care if it’s 5 minutes a week… if that time is spent just tweeting links to your products/blog/services or posting content and photos about you, you, you… well, you’re wasting your time.

To be successfully active in social requires you to be… hang on. This sentence has become so cliche that I will not put you through the pain of hearing – yet again – how social is supposed to be social.  Let’s do us both a favor and move on….

Whether you have 2 minutes or 20, there are things you can do to get the best bang for your time.

So let’s break it down.

0-5 minutes:

1. “Favorite” tweets.  Not only does this work to tag tweets you want to come back to read later (when you have more time), but it also lets the tweeter know you like what they have to, er… tweet. What you should not do is simply “favorite” every tweet you like. Most of these come with a link to an article or blog post, so clicking “favorite” assumes you’ve read and enjoyed the blog. It’s okay sometimes, it’s not okay all the time.

2. Retweet – When you hit the retweet button, you’re given two choices: 1) retweet as is or 2) you can copy the tweet and then hit “cancel” so that you can paste it into your own message.  In this case, just hit “retweet.” Done. More on the latter, later.

3. Like/Love – on both Facebook and LinkedIn, choose the “like” or “thumbs up” button to show that you enjoyed a post, or link to an article. On Pinterest, just tap the heart. It’s that simple.

4. Share (Facebook, LinkedIn) – no time for a comment? That’s okay. Just share it. It’s the minimum, but it’s better than nothing.

6 – 10 minutes:

Okay, so you’re not racing through, but you don’t have a whole lot of dawdle time either. These social steps will still put you in good graces, show you care, and keep you involved. In addition to the five listed above, you’ve got a few minutes for these:

1. RT… with a  comment.  Remember those Retweet options I talked about earlier? Here’s where you’ll choose option two… Click the “retweet” button, then copy the message, cancel the retweet and return to your own twitter profile. Paste the tweet into your own new message and add a comment and RT tag. (i.e. “Worth your time! RT @a1972bmw …”). Why? Because your followers want to know why you’ve chosen to share the tweet/link/post with them.

2. Share and Comment – On Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest you can add a quick comment about why you’re sharing (i.e. “Intelligent list – Especially love #2!”). This will work to engage others who see your post, and show that you are involved. Be specific… it makes a difference!

11+ minutes: Lucky you! To all the tips above, add some social meat, in the form of these two:

1. Comment! This is really what all bloggers are looking for -not only to show that their articles are being read and shared, but to engage readers. Those comments also become a great resource for future blog post ideas. I have been tracking links to my own blogs since 2009, and I can tell you with the utmost confidence that nothing works harder to send traffic then commenting on other professional’s blogs. Honest.  When you’ve read a particularly smart post, and want to leave a comment, Kenna Griffin (@profkrg) has written a great post you’ll want to check out:  6 Tips for Deeper Blog Commenting.

2. Thank Your Social Rockstars. Really this doesn’t take long at all if you stay on top of it, but even if you fall a bit behind, it’s incredibly important to pay your dues to the rockstars who are helping you reach more people, garner more followers and drive more traffic to your blog and/or website. Do not forget the faithful! Give a shout out (S/O) to: the fine folks who ReTweet, Favorite, Mention and/or Follow you. After all, that’s just good manners.

Please tell me… what do you think of this list? Anything you’d add? How much time do you spend daily on social media?



About Beth M. Wood

Beth M. Wood is a marketing and writing professional. She's been working in the marketing industry since the early 90s, and feeding her shopping habit with copywriting gigs since 2004. On August 1, 2013, she made the jump to full-time freelance writer, marketer, and social media manager. Beth is highly adept at creating and managing integrated marketing programs that get brands noticed. She's also well known for creating and maintaing a strong brand voice across all channels. She is a word geek, a grammar snob and a boot camp junkie. Which means she believes in giving 100% to every project she takes on - large or small. She earned her BA in writing from Webster University and serves as Senior Content Strategist at Scorch.
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