Social Media 201: Getting Results

1267091484r7laG0“Sure, I do social, but it hasn’t really worked for me.” Sound familiar? You’ve created business profiles on all the “right” platforms, you tweet and post, even comment on blogs, but still haven’t seen any increase in sales – or even interest. What gives?

We’ve all heard how “affordable” and “easy” it is to “do” social media. But if this is true, why isn’t it working for you?

Here’s the secret: It is affordable – more affordable than say, a cross-country sampling tour or TV spot. But the easy part? That’s not as true as you’ve heard. It’s only easy if you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Forget the “If you build it, they will come” mentality. Nothing’s that simple. But if you’ve got these two basics in place: (1) an active social presence in the right places  (Twitter and LinkedIn for business, Instagram and YouTube for teens,  Facebook and Pinterest for moms is the most basic approach), and (2) A WordPress blog with approximately 30 posts, and a new, relevant post each week, you’re ready to take your social media engagement to the next level. Assuming you already know the basics (if you’re not sure, read “How to Be a Social Media Rockstar in Minutes”), here are a few “next level” social media tips. Put them into practice today and start seeing real results from your social engagement efforts.

Repetition Has its Rewards. Schedule the same tweet multiple times per day. With the thousands of messages in our twitter feeds at any given time, there is simply no way your audience is going to see your tweet every time. So schedule at various points during a 24-hour period to reach the most people. Good times are before business hours (between 6-8am), lunch hours (11-1pm), right after close of business (5-6pm) and late evening after the dinner rush (8-10pm). Also keep in mind the time change. Certainly you have followers in different time zones, so you should consider a two-hour window when scheduling to cover a lunch hour, for example.

Pay Attention to Your Followers. What types of industries are they in? Are they the audience you are trying to reach? If not, look for profiles in your industry. If your company’s consumers are new moms, for example, look for those that follow parenting magazines, local parks and zoos or children’s brands.

Get to Know Your Connections. LinkedIn is a fantastic resources for professionals. The problem? Most people don’t know how to use it effectively. You may have 350 connections, but do you talk with them? Do you know about their companies? Their business objectives and needs? Spend a few minutes each morning looking deeper into a few connections’ profiles. Send an email, or pick up the phone and find out if anyone is interested in meeting offline. Sure you’ve got hundreds of connections, but what good do they do you just sitting there?

Get Local. If you’ve got followers in your area, invite them to connect face-to-face. Reach out to a follower – or someone you follow and would like to get to know better – and invite him/her to meet over coffee and discuss social media strategies, relevant industry trends, etc. Social media is a great way to introduce yourself, but it won’t do all the work for you. Get offline and dig deeper to find real connections!

Branch Out on Business Trips. If you’re planning a trip out of town, shout out your destination via social channels. Invite followers or connections to get together while you’re in town. Send a message to thought leaders or those whose social presence you admire and ask if they would be willing to meet with you. Chances are you both might be able to offer each other new strategies and connections – and who knows where those might lead you!

Social media is a fantastic resource for new business, but it won’t do the work for you. That’s like assuming your telephone or your website will set up the meeting and bring in a new client for you. Not gonna happen. But if you use it correctly – as a resource to share, connect, learn and build, it just might prove to be as “easy” as it sounds.

Navigating and managing your brand’s social media presence can be overwhelming. Cohesive branding across all channels is terribly important. And the right words – well, they mean everything. I’d love to help you out with any or all of these three. Would you like to chat? Let’s connect and create something fantastic!






About Beth M. Wood

Beth M. Wood is a marketing and writing professional. She's been working in the marketing industry since the early 90s, and feeding her shopping habit with copywriting gigs since 2004. On August 1, 2013, she made the jump to full-time freelance writer, marketer, and social media manager. Beth is highly adept at creating and managing integrated marketing programs that get brands noticed. She's also well known for creating and maintaing a strong brand voice across all channels. She is a word geek, a grammar snob and a boot camp junkie. Which means she believes in giving 100% to every project she takes on - large or small. She earned her BA in writing from Webster University and serves as Senior Content Strategist at Scorch.
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