In honor of Valentine’s Day…20 things I just LOVE

28438224The title of this post says it all. So without further ado (and for all those – like myself – who don’t love long blog intros)…

  1. People who “get” social. Those who share, acknowledge, respond and say “thanks” are my favorites.
  2. Chocolate covered strawberries
  3. Harry Connick, Jr. Really, he just makes me LOVE American Idol again!
  4. My job. Every day is different. I get to “do” what I love most, be creative and strategic, and meet great people. What’s not to love about that?!
  5. Words.
  6. Kind people.
  7. My kids. Really. I like them too. In fact, if they weren’t my kids, I’d really still want to be friends with each of them. They’re cool. And kind – which is great (see #6).
  8. My clients. I’m a lucky gal – that is for sure. Every one of them is good people. Fun to work with. Professional – and yes, kind (see #6).
  9. My family. I am One. Lucky. Daughter.
  10. My friends. The family I’ve chosen.
  11. Books. (see #5)
  12. Things that start with the letter “i.” iMac, iPad, iPhone… iLOVE!
  13. Learning.
  14. My boot camp.
  15. My Insanity workouts.
  16. The cool down stretch after my insanity workout.
  17. Acceptance letters.
  18. Seeing my byline in print.
  19. Meeting folks I’ve interacted with via Twitter and LinkedIn – and finding out we can help each other professionally.
  20. Did I mention chocolate covered strawberries?

Happy Valentine’s Day! May love, kindness and happiness fill this day. And may you experience lots more throughout 2014!

Your Turn! What do you love? Tell me about it in the comments.

About Beth M. Wood

Beth M. Wood is a marketing and writing professional. She's been working in the marketing industry since the early 90s, and feeding her shopping habit with copywriting gigs since 2004. On August 1, 2013, she made the jump to full-time freelance writer, marketer, and social media manager. Beth is highly adept at creating and managing integrated marketing programs that get brands noticed. She's also well known for creating and maintaing a strong brand voice across all channels. She is a word geek, a grammar snob and a boot camp junkie. Which means she believes in giving 100% to every project she takes on - large or small. She earned her BA in writing from Webster University and serves as Senior Content Strategist at Scorch.
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