9 Tried-and-True Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

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Managing a blog is a full-time job. For each post, you chose a topic, research it, gather your thoughts, write the post, edit and proofread it to perfection. But, if you sit back and reflect on a job well done as soon as you’ve hit the “post” button, you’re making the biggest mistake in blogging. Yet it happens more often than not. We write blog posts to get noticed, to draw attention, to share knowledge in the hopes of being seen as thought leaders in our respective industries. 

Over the years, I’ve learned what works the best, and how to get the most exposure. Here are nine tried-and-true ways to promote your blog posts:

1.  Add SEO Keywords. Choosing the right keywords is essential to your company’s ranking on search engines.  And don’t let the word “keywords” mislead you –also consider key phrases that best describe your company, your product/service, and the topic of your blog post. Use a plug in, if possible. I like WordPress SEO by Yoast.

2.  Create an e-signature. Chances are, you’ve already got one of these. But does it include a link to your latest blog post? It should. Not only do I add a link, but I preface that link with a teaser line, much like a magazine headline or a well written tweet. Keep a  library of all blog signatures, so that you can include the most relevant and/or current post in every email.

3.  Scoop.It. Reddit. StumbleUpon. Digg… Figure out which sites work best for you, and post your latest blog here, too. It’s a great way to increase your reach. Many of my readers come from curation sites such as these.

4.  Link It. LinkedIn is a powerful, underutilized social platform for business that’s just starting to get the attention it truly deserves. If you don’t already, post links to new blogs in relevant groups, and to the public, when applicable.

5.  Write several headlines. Many bloggers tweet a link to their new blog post and call it a day. In fact, I’ve seen dozens of tweets like this: “New blog post: (link)” I’ve done this as an experiment and in my own research it doesn’t work nearly as well as writing a compelling headline with a link.

6.  Schedule, Schedule, Schedule! Remember, your followers are online at varying times.

 Use a social media management tool (I loveSprout Social) to schedule your tweets throughout the week. Try various times like 6am, 10am, 2pm, 4pm and 7pm – don’t be afraid to experiment and see which times work best for you. *

Don’t think you have the time for this? You might want to read “How to be a social media rockstar in minutes.

7.  Add linksIf you’ve posted other blogs on similar topics, be sure to add a link to the bottom of those posts. Label it: “Relevant blog posts.” Better yet, use a plugin (I like Microkid’s Related Posts for WordPress). Additionally, make sure you go back to older posts and link to any new articles you’ve written.

blog promotion

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8.  Make sharing easy. Encourage blog visitors to share your post with their followers and connections by making it easy! Use WordPress plugins to allow readers to share your post on the most relevant social platforms. I use Shareaholic and Click To Tweet by TodayMade. 

9. Follow Up. You wouldn’t create a marketing campaign and fail to check the analytics and compile a recap, would you? Be sure you check your blog’s stats on a regular basis and make note of what worked, and what didn’t.

Hitting “post” on a new blog is just the beginning. You’re not done until you’ve promoted it to the best of your ability. When you’ve completed all 9 of these steps, you can start researching for the next topic! 

Coming up with new topics about which to write, posting a steady stream of blog posts and promoting each of them successfully is a big job.  Could you use some help with your brand’s blog? I’d love to chat. Let’s connect and create something fantastic! beth@bethmwood.com 

This article was originally written for  SJI @ the mic.  

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